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Raha refrigeration equipments are one among the best commercial refrigeration equipment in Chennai.

Refrigerators & Home Appliances commonly known as RAHA, was established in the year 1942 by the founders Mr. Ayudhrai and Mr. R.Ramachandran. In those days, when a refrigerator was considered a luxury, RAHA imported and offered domestic refrigerators and other allied equipment for commercial application. RAHA also set up manufacturing facilities for Refrigerated Cabinets, Mortuary Cabinets, Cold Rooms, Condensers and Cooling Coils and was a coveted brand of the years.

Subsequently, RAHA was taken over by Hindustan Refrigeration of New Delhi in 1987, and which converted the focus to a specialized outlet for commercial refrigeration products and also offering custom built refrigeration equipment. The Hindustan Refrigeration Group today provides all its expertise and products and also its expertise in commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment both standard and custom built.

Not only that, customers have access to the large range of global products like DuPont Refrigerants, Danfoss Compressors and Controls, Emerson products, Rothenberger Tools, Vacuum Pumps and Recovery Units, LAE Electronic Controls, Bitzer Compressors and Condensing Units, Guntner Cooling Coils and Condensers, Mettron Refrigerants, Verikold Special Cabinets, Visi Coolers and Visi Freezers, IGLOO batch type ice cream churners, ice cream manufacturing plants, and Soft Ice Cream Dispensers, 1-2-3 Jars Juice dispenser, Refrigerated Display Cases and besides a large variety of Commercial Deep Freezers and Chest Coolers, available in stock at RAHA.

The RAHA showroom, has been designed to offer comfortable and total visual display of a large range, and is handled by a team, who are most technically and commercially competent to meet the customers' queries. Besides this, logistic services on deliveries and installations are available and not only that, a full-fledged Service Centre is operating and attends to any customers' complaints, to their satisfaction.

RAHA is surely and shortly adding a still wider range of products including and increasing their wholesale and OEM supply programmes and reach to a position of offering a delightful experience to their customers.

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