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Eutectic Freezer

Eutectic Freezers are designed to keep produce fresh and frozen even through power cuts, for as long as 12 hours at rated conditions. So if your business depends on freezers to keep products frozen, but is plagued by long and erratic power cuts, the Eutectic Freezer is for you. No more molten ice-cream. No more spoilt produce. Switch to Raha range of Eutectic Freezers.

In basic application, Raha range of Eutectic Freezer is like any other normal deep freezer-easy to use, reliable, robust, and long-lasting-efficiently storing your products in deep freeze state.

What makes the Eutectic Freezer stand apart becomes apparent when you run into a long power cut, a common situation in most Indian cities. Eutectic Freezer continues to maintain the freezing temperature right through long power cuts-even as long as 12 hours at rated conditions-while standard freezers do not.

Thus, the Eutectic Freezer ensures preservation of your materials and a successful business, even in areas where power cuts are common. Whereas standard freezers may lead to melting, or worse, spoilage of stored materials, leading to business losses and dissatisfied customers.

Eutectic Freezer is lined on all sides with a special eutectic material (called the phase change medium, or PCM) which solidifies when the power is on.

When the power fails, the PCM-which is stored within eutectic plates that line all the walls of the freezer-sucks heat from within the freezer to slowly revert to liquid state. This slow heat suction ensures that the temperature within the freezer remains low for a very long time.

Eutectic Freezer is designed to ensure that the temperature within holds for as long as 12hours without power, once the desired deep freeze temperature is reached within the freezer.

Model Net Capacity (Ltrs) Height
No. of Bottle Stands / Baskets No.  Of Doors Temp. Range Insulation Refrigerant Voltage
FR-300 ETGT 292 910 1130 625 2 Sliding -18 to -24°c PUF CFC FREE R134a Single Phase/50 Hz
FR-300 ET 292 910 1120 705 2 2 -18 to -24°c PUF CFC FREE R134a Single Phase/50 Hz
FR-400 ET 385 910 1400 705 2 2 -18 to -24°c PUF CFC FREE R134a Single Phase/50 Hz
FR-500 ET 481 910 1690 705 2 2 -18 to -24°c PUF CFC FREE R134a Single Phase/50 Hz
FRTK-120 110 810 940 640 - 1 -18 to -24°c PUF CFC FREE R134a Single Phase/50 Hz
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