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Having had a successful run in the business for seven decades, we are proud to share the secret of retaining loyal customers and satisfying our new clients. We take a keen interest in following a well executed Customer Service Imporvement Strategy. The company cherishes on being reliable, responsive and credible, building a bridge of trust and security while conducting the business with us. This includes the prompt delivery and services for our all products. It is done by working an open communication on clear guidelines. These have helped us gain the loyalty of customers as our standards of services are measured and implemented providing both deal loyalty and relationship loyalty.

An online access to our service to contact us is also available. Options for choosing the best way to contact us is offered to you. In case of any problem with the product we have in house technicians available to deal with any issues including multiple product installation and operational instructions for first time usage. To ensure excellence in service we also have a tech support providing effective service level agreements.

We at Raha, have taken necessary steps to run an efficient complaints department, taking in all the queries, complaints and dealing them at speedy results with accordance to the wishes of the customer. We also maintain a flexible schedule so we are able to do the work at the time of your convenience. The staffs are trained to be helpful and courteous, creating a positive staff-customer relationship. Having studied the competition, our services are exemplary in providing transparency in all aspects of our business in helping the customer.

As all our products are innovative and produce dependable performance we are available for any advice and assistance for regular maintenance as they prevent costly repairs. Regular queries on trouble shooting can be diagnosed and resolved at ease. At our disposal are highly trained and certified technicians who help our clients in solving problems and maintenance issues.

When the clients decide to go with Raha, we can guarantee reliability for all our products, genuine spare parts for all maintenance & repairs and the best assured service. We take pride in our line of service. Our pride lies in our dedication in ensuring the expectations of the customer are met.

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